• Proximity III

    Here’s another lovely close-up erotic video from the good people at Four Chambers. This one features Dwam and Magenta in a beautiful girl-girl erotic scene.

  • Control Yourself

    This is a lingerie ad with a major pedigree. It was directed by John Cameron Mitchell who made Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Shortbus. It’s a lot of fun

  • Sol: Artemis and Vex

    This is another erotic short by the art/cinema collective Four Chambered Heart. This one features two women getting sexy on a beach.

  • Aprop

    Sleep becomes interrupted by the familiar touch of another body. A finger brushes across a back as a sigh sends the invitation for play. When viewed closely, everyday body movements are an extraordinary dance.
    This is an extraordinary work of art that plays with light and shadows amid the contours of beautiful human bodies.