• The Contract

    A woman meets a stranger at a bar and he gives her a magic pill. Soon she finds herself down the rabbit hole, entering a dark and erotic fantasy world of Sirens and other lustful creatures. And – amid the orgy – they want her to sign a contract…

  • Rub

    A vulval rock, an all-female orgy and a song about female pleasure. Peaches latest music video is explicit and in your face.

  • I Wish I Was A Lesbian

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a girl friend, who reads the Dildo-Daily and loves romantic walks through the park in the night?

  • Vibra Call

    Two women make class just that little bit more exciting thanks to the vibration setting on a mobile phone. The acting by the two female leads is superb as they get the message across without a skerrick of dialogue.

  • In Your Face (The International Lesbian Anthem)

    ”In Your Face” is The International Lesbian Anthem. The video features footage of the Hungry Hearts collective performing the song plus excerpts from their other films. It also includes instruction in the lesbian Hasuki dance. Learn the dance and join the force.