Cass and Lex

CASS & LEX (feat. music by RAVEN) from Phillip Kaminiak on Vimeo.

The blurb: As well as featuring some delightfully gratuitous kissing and apocalyptic fighting, Cass & Lex also looks at the struggle to establish emotional bonds in cities that are designed to distract.

In his directorial debut, Berlin and Mexico City-based cinematographer Phillip Kaminiak embarks on a personal project where he attempts to deal with his previous relationships by training a lens on real-life couple Cassandre Clerk and Johannes Lex.

This is a rather gorgeous art film that charts a relationship without a word of dialogue. It’s sexy in places and heartbreaking in others. I really enjoyed it.

Phillip Kaminak made the film for Nowness. Read more about his motivation and process here.

Length: 4:46
Director: Phillip Kaminak