The blurb: High-powered female executive meets high-rise window-washer for an erotic rendezvous on opposite sides of her skyscraper window.

I think this might be my new favourite sexy short film. It’s not explicit but it’s incredibly sensual and engaging, with a nice focus on the female point of view. The film aims to capture the heightened arousal that can happen when there’s a barrier to intimacy – in this case, a window. The filmmaker Morgan Krantz told Short of the Week “I find sex to be pretty absurd, and I wanted to show that. I’ve also been in relationships with people where we both know there is no practical way to really be together. But when you’re having one of these “flings,” I have found that it can actually be easier to express how wild you are about a person… because you both know that you can never end up together. So that’s the glass between these two characters”.

What’s extra cool about this film is that the actor playing the window washer is a real-life window washer, Blair McKenzie, a Scottish immigrant to the US. The director met him in a restaurant and was inspired to make a film about the job. This short was Blair’s first acting job.


Morgan Krantz is an actor, writer and director who has been making films for several years now.

Length: 10:53
Director: Morgan Krantz