Erotic Symphony #1

The movement of flesh is rendered into abstract black and white shapes, creating a slightly menacing mood in this experimental erotic short.

Director: Courtney Fathom Sell
Length: 4:02 mins

Courtney Fathom Sell is an American documentary filmmaker best known for his film about his dying father My Dying Day. He shoots most of his work on a Hi8 camera, making the subsequent graininess an important feature of this work.

An advocate of D.I.Y. mentality, Sell promotes the idea of utilizing the many forms of modern video technology as well as any equipment available to the filmmaker in order for them to create a documentary or experimental video. He refers to this idea as ‘Crash’, and believes that the importance of the subject or moment captured in the frame over rides the importance of the equipment one is shooting with.
– From Courtney’s site.