Lickety Split


The blurb: Loud, proud, and well endowed: Glitoris are back with glitz, glamor–and an operatic pop rock banger! A love letter to s3x w0rkers, ‘Lickety Split’ is a bombastic, audacious celebration of queer sex positivity. And hot damn! It’s your lucky day! Raunchy cabasa, rolling tom rhythms and cowbells meet succulent pop harmonies, heavy guitar chops and 808 breaks, all wrapped up with Keven 007’s bold-and-brassy Broadway sass. You can’t be all work and no play, so don’t miss a trick, click those sticks, and join Glitoris and the Gliterati at Lickety Split!

This is a bangin’ song with a great sexy video. The band is Glitoris, a queer feminist punk rock band from Canberra, Australia.

Length: 3:10
Director: Tim Kent
Year: 2023

Here’s their Bandcamp.