Husbands Ian and James head into the woods with their dogs and enjoy some pleasant moments getting nude and kissing in the great outdoors.

Director Vincent Keith took this real-life couple into Epping Forest for the shoot.

The blurb: The focus of the project was to capture the intimacy and energy between these two beautiful men and life partners. Ian and James also brought their dogs for a nice explore in the woods. While the conditions were somewhat challenging with the changeable weather and the cold, the dappled light through the trees created a beautiful atmosphere both for still and video work.

This film’s erotic content is a natural expression of the passion shared between the two men, and the somewhat unusual experience of being naked in a park where ramblers might come upon us at any time. Ian said that he was surprised by how exhilarating an experience it was.

Mascular Films


Length: 8:08
Director: Vincent Keith