Sex Life

In an attempt to get his wife interested in sex, a man dresses up as Frank-N-Furter a few weeks after the arrival of their first child. This leads to a revealing conversation about their relationship – and a rather impressive song and dance number.

This film isn’t erotic in any way but it does deal with the nuances of sexuality and relationships in a wonderful way so I thought it would be good to share in the Film Festival category. As a Rocky Horror fan, the Frank-N-Furter outfit got my attention but it was held by the quality acting and the nuanced drama that explores how relationships can change, especially in the wake of a new baby.

The blurb: Dan and Mia haven’t had sex since before the birth of their son. Three months on, Dan feels forced to take extreme action and makes the decision to dress as Dr. Frank-N-Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show in a ham-fisted attempt to get Mia back in the mood. Not getting the reaction he expected it sparks off a comedic and revealing conversation about the most intimate parts of their relationship.

Festivals incl: Tribeca, Encounters, Flickers, London Short, Leeds, Cambridge, Edmonton, San Luis Obispo, Washington West, Emden, Milwaukee..

Starring: Jemima Rooper & Dylan Edwards

Director: Stefan Georgiou (
Writer: Kefi Chadwick
Producer: Ted Byron Baybutt (
Cinematography: Jun Cheung Keung (
Editor: Stephen Beard (
Art Director: Rachel King (
Make-Up: Alison Edwards
Casting: Snow Irwin
Music: Scandinavia (


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Length: 15:17
Director: Stefan Georgiou