• MTV Sex

    This animated PSA about HIV is both titillating and disturbing, featuring amorphous, sexy shapes getting it on.

  • Coyanuscocksee

    Turns out, there are cocks everywhere. This animated celebration of phallic imagery, both natural and man-made, takes a dark turn.

  • Tentation: Memento Mori

    Classical and modern art depicting female beauty comes to life and seeks out self-pleasure in this erotic and surreal animation.

  • Venus

    Seven years into their relationship, a couple try to revive their fading romance by visiting a sex club – at the husband’s urging. Things take an unexpected turn.

  • Love Sucks

    Two naked women interact – they hug, they fight, they kiss. A short but entertaining hand-drawn animation by Sara Koppel.

  • Let’s Dance

    Filmed in stop-motion with live actors in a world made entirely of paper, Let’s Dance is the story of one couple, as their connection struggles to survive the mundane and chaotic forces of the modern world.

  • Blue: An Erotic Life

    A blue blob of clay’s love for sex leads him into dark places. The piece plays on the contrast between graphic adult content and grotesque stop motion.

  • Inanimate Pornography

    This is a clever little bit of animation that will make you smile. Like all good pornography – There is no plot, the acting is terrible, and when you’ve finished watching it you’ll feel mildly ashamed.

  • The Bizarre World of the Bisexual

    Here’s another handy 50s education film about the bizarre world of the bisexual. Or, to put it more truthfully, here’s an amusing animation spoofing both 1950s education films and misconceptions about bisexuals.

  • The Homosexual Menace

    A highly factual 1950s offering useful information on how to avoid the homosexual menace. Or, to put it more accurately, a very amusing satire of nonsense 1950s education films about the dangers of gay men.

  • Domestikia: Le Petite Mort

    Here’s something different: animated tentacle porn that will make you feel kinda funny… and laugh. Our heroine Madelaine sits reading in her parlor, when an unexpected visitor arrives.

  • Shake It Like A Salt Shaker

    A moving ass becomes a canvas for a fast-moving variety of textures, colours and images. It’s flashy and also kind of hypnotic. And it’s always nice to celebrate the bum.

  • Look

    An animation with a serious ass fixation. This music videofollows a woman’s butt as she walks, with a variety of fantasy elements added (farting diamonds, for example). It’s really rather hypnotic.

  • Mobius Strip

    This very short animation by photographer Robert Whitman sees a group of naked men and women gather to form a fleshy Mobius strip.

  • Tram

    As every morning, the female tram conductor stars up the tram and men get on to go to work. Today the relentless rhythm of the tram coincides with a growing sexual fantasy.

  • Missed Call

    A man has to get out of the shower multiple times to pick up the phone. A cute film by animation student Julieta Colas

  • Smoke

    Lilith bewitches her audience by her singing and dancing A short and sweet animation that is bursting with sassiness – and smoke.

  • Turtle Sex

    A very short but cute animation that suggests one way to spice up a boringly slow sex life.

  • Protegez-Vous

    This is a cute animated commercial from France advocating safe sex. A graffiti drawing of a penis finds itself lonely and abandoned on the walls of a public toilet; no other drawing will play.

  • How I Found Out About Girls

    A personal experience of learning about the opposite gender through dolls, National Geographic, a friendly female neighbour and a Turkish dad. A funny short animated film about growing up.

  • Juranessic

    This is a very cute animated short showing how one caveman attempts to deal with his loneliness. A few cave paintings and a bit of old-school animation gets things moving. The short was a trailer at the Annecy Animation Film Festival in 2002.

  • An Erotic Tale

    A meditative animation featuring the erotic artwork of Anthony Christian. A woman lies on a bed, reading an erotic book. Her mind is filled with sumptuous and sexy images.

  • Instinct

    A man takes his cat to the park where fantasy takes hold. The cat becomes a woman, eager to please his every desire. This film takes the viewer on a surreal erotic journey, heavy with symbolism and dark, surreal fantasy.

  • Karaoke Show

    At the age of 14, Karl Tebbe badly wanted to dance like the best dancer alive. But you either have rhythm in your blood or you don’t. Now 22 years later, stop-motion-animation has allowed him to finally fulfill his lifelong dream.

  • Teat Beat Of Sex

    Does size really matter? This candid discussion of penis size from a female perspective offers a different view – along with plenty of laughs. This is an excerpt called “Kirby” from a much larger collection of short pieces discussing sex.

  • Butler

    Note: trailer only. This a quirky, amusing animated film about a competent servant who finds himself in the middle of a kinky sexual triangle with his two employers. The movie makes use of an angular, art deco aesthetic.