• Pain Dealer

    An artistic visual feast, this short film depicts adult star Nikki Darling in stark black and white, wielding a whip and promising pain.

  • The Devil’s Dance

    This is an ad and the beauty on display is very standard but it all looks gorgeous and artistic. And I rather like the song that goes with it.

  • L’Affranchie (The Freedwoman)

    The discovery of the body and sexuality are the first steps which come right after the birth. But quickly, senses will find on their way dogmas and codes of the civilization. The freedwoman will have to fight for what she wants to be, a free human being.

  • Hysterical Literature 4: Stormy

    Stormy visits the studio and reads from “American Psycho” by Bret Easton Ellis. Meanwhile, an unknown person stimulates her beneath the table.

  • Hysterical Literature 3: Danielle

    Danielle reads Still Life With Woodpecker by Tom Robbins. As she reads, a unknown person is ministering to her sexually beneath the table.

  • Girl

    A couple meet in an elevator and things progress. Jazz, R&B, Soul and hip hop fuse in this sensual and erotically charged music video starring Pillow Book Productions cast members Brad and Jennifer. Music by Paul Deeb and the South Mountain Jazz ensemble.

  • It’s All In Your Head

    This simple yet effective short film explores the idea of a wandering imagination, with multiple fantasies played out in a lift sequence.

  • Detective Shaves

    In the style of film noir, this short film weaves its story via a voiceover and black and white photographs. It has a strong streak of absurdist humour that is very enjoyable.

  • Leave You In Me

    An unexpected admission emerges while a couple is making love. Naked, emotionally and physically, they must confront a tangled web of love, sex and betrayal. The path to reconciliation leads to a dark and uncertain forgiveness.

  • Sexual Arousal

    A turn of the head, the raising of the eyebrow, a sip on a straw. This film looks at the subtle hints of sexual arousal and seduction and adds a quirky ending.

  • HugMe KissMe FuckMe

    A sexy short comedy about a boy, a girl, three presents and the Joys of Giving. Female star Karen Ng also directed, produced and edited the film.

  • Erotic Symphony #1

    The movement of flesh is rendered into abstract black and white shapes, creating a slightly menacing mood in this experimental erotic short.

  • Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2009 Short Film

    This short film has no official title. It was screened prior to the Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2009 fashion show. It stars indie musician and actor Michael Pitt reacting to an unseen female voice talking erotically about clothes.

  • Je Dis Non Ali

    A young woman struggles for sexual freedom in this dark comedy inspired by the European new wave of the 1960s

  • Aprop

    Sleep becomes interrupted by the familiar touch of another body. A finger brushes across a back as a sigh sends the invitation for play. When viewed closely, everyday body movements are an extraordinary dance.
    This is an extraordinary work of art that plays with light and shadows amid the contours of beautiful human bodies.