• Fuck First

    A catchy song offering a little advice about that very special evening with your darlings… Created for Valentine’s Day.

  • Fertility Baptism

    A handsome naked man covers his flesh with broken eggs and milk. One for fans of sploshing and hot guys.

  • Juice Porn

    A short and intense erotic film focusing on mouths, tongues, food and wetness.

  • Ice Cream

    A woman falls desperately in lust with an anthropomorphic ice cream bar. Techno beats and sexy writhing in melted confections ensues.

  • Passion, Fruit

    An art student, after a painful break-up with his lover/figure model, discovers an occult sensuality in his new artistic subject matter – fruits.

  • Filthy Food

    Eat it. Lick it. Suck it. Swallow it. Relax, it’s just food.