• Coyanuscocksee

    Turns out, there are cocks everywhere. This animated celebration of phallic imagery, both natural and man-made, takes a dark turn.

  • Mask4Mask

    What if you lived in a world where everyone shared the same kink as you?

  • Blue: An Erotic Life

    A blue blob of clay’s love for sex leads him into dark places. The piece plays on the contrast between graphic adult content and grotesque stop motion.

  • The Shy Nudist

    A New York city nudist develops a crush on a girl in his building. But how to break the ice?

  • Joe Blow

    Joe Blow is the story of one man’s quest for companionship. Its a cautionary tale of passion, loss and pneumatics. Joe, who lives by himself in a trailer, finds that love can be a breathtaking experience.

  • Sock Puppet

    An ode to an ex girlfriend and to five fingered love. With puppets.

  • Inanimate Pornography

    This is a clever little bit of animation that will make you smile. Like all good pornography – There is no plot, the acting is terrible, and when you’ve finished watching it you’ll feel mildly ashamed.

  • Hysterical Literature 5: Teresa

    Teresa visits the studio and reads from “Sexing the Cherry” by Jeanette Winterson. Meanwhile, an unknown person stimulates her beneath the table.

  • The Bizarre World of the Bisexual

    Here’s another handy 50s education film about the bizarre world of the bisexual. Or, to put it more truthfully, here’s an amusing animation spoofing both 1950s education films and misconceptions about bisexuals.

  • SFW

    This is a viral video for fashion brand Diesel features porn footage that has been altered with animation so it’s “safe for work”. It’s good for a laugh – the sound effects really help.

  • One Night Stand

    A woman wakes up in a lad’s bedroom and does her best to quietly extricate herself before he wakes up.

  • Fuckbuddies

    Two men furtively meet in a car at lunch time to have sex. But things don’t go as planned.

  • Domestikia: Le Petite Mort

    Here’s something different: animated tentacle porn that will make you feel kinda funny… and laugh. Our heroine Madelaine sits reading in her parlor, when an unexpected visitor arrives.

  • Testing Condoms

    As far as condom ads go, this is a good one. A young couple aren’t sure what size condom to get… so the friendly chemist lady suggests they give it a test drive.

  • The Pinky Song

    A musical tribute to new love… and the tricky revelation that you “like it kind of kinky.”

  • Filthy Food

    Eat it. Lick it. Suck it. Swallow it. Relax, it’s just food.

  • Hysterical Literature 3: Danielle

    Danielle reads Still Life With Woodpecker by Tom Robbins. As she reads, a unknown person is ministering to her sexually beneath the table.

  • 50 Shades In 50 Seconds

    BDSM expert Bo Blaze gives us a full overview of the book Fifty Shades Of Grey in 50 seconds. Phew!

  • HBO Should Show Dongs

    A group of female TV fans ask cable channel HBO to include more dongs in their shows, especially as boobs and full frontal female nudity have been almost ubiquitous in many of their adult productions.

  • Detective Shaves

    In the style of film noir, this short film weaves its story via a voiceover and black and white photographs. It has a strong streak of absurdist humour that is very enjoyable.

  • Bushes

    This is an older music video – Markus Nikolai’s ‘Bushes’, remixed by Fat Boy Slim. A variety of women endure Brazilian wax treatments but we see only their faces.

  • Missed Call

    A man has to get out of the shower multiple times to pick up the phone. A cute film by animation student Julieta Colas

  • Dream Off

    Everything is primed for a romantic and – eventually – sexy evening. And then the alarm goes off. Can our hero recapture that perfect dream or will his subconscious get in the way?

  • Turtle Sex

    A very short but cute animation that suggests one way to spice up a boringly slow sex life.

  • Phone Sex Grandma

    A short film about a 60-something Grandma working a phone sex line in a small town. As the audience watches this older woman work her daily routine, one can only wonder… is the phone sex industry as you always feared it really was?

  • Protegez-Vous

    This is a cute animated commercial from France advocating safe sex. A graffiti drawing of a penis finds itself lonely and abandoned on the walls of a public toilet; no other drawing will play.

  • HugMe KissMe FuckMe

    A sexy short comedy about a boy, a girl, three presents and the Joys of Giving. Female star Karen Ng also directed, produced and edited the film.