• Fur Maria

    The shadows tell the story of these lovers. but shadows could also hide it

  • Gratified, Grateful

    A short erotic film celebrating intimacy, connection and passion. It’s about feeling grateful for our bodies and our partners, for laughter and shared joy, for physical and emotional pleasure.

  • Smoking Gun

    A naked woman smokes a cigarette in slow motion, accompanied by eerie music.

  • Sexsomnia

    An array of dream-like images depicts a woman in the throes of an erotic compulsion. Fantasy and reality blend in an experience called sexsomnia.

  • Lover

    A short, beautiful film that focuses on the emotion and love that accompanies sex for many people. Shot with real-life couples.

  • Moss

    Husbands Ian and James head into the woods with their dogs and enjoy some pleasant moments getting nude and kissing in the great outdoors.

  • Restraint

    A woman breaks free of a straitjacket and revels in her nudity. There’s smoking, red paint and a mysterious oil substance that is also on fire – and on her boobs.

  • Mirrors Will Cut Up Your Head

    The selfie turns surreal in this visually fascinating self portrait video by Canadian photographer Mikel Marton. Using mirrors, blurring and closeups he shows us glimpes of his nude body and his inner self.

  • Workshop In The Water

    A beautiful male model frolics naked in a waterfall and swims in a natural pool with tiny fish looking on.

  • Juice Porn

    A short and intense erotic film focusing on mouths, tongues, food and wetness.

  • Deviance

    A mundane supermarket becomes a place to celebrate sexual diversity – and perversity.

  • Destruction Of Dude

    Two males tries to buy a venue from the rich Jackie, in order to start a night club about guitar music and sausages. Jackie, however, is not impressed. She has something completely different in store for the two hotties as she reveals her inner tentacle monster.

  • Ice Cream

    A woman falls desperately in lust with an anthropomorphic ice cream bar. Techno beats and sexy writhing in melted confections ensues.

  • Proximity IV

    This is Four Chambers’ latest and it features two guys! Their “Proximity” series is all about close-ups and trying to capture intimacy without necessarily being explicit.

  • Folsom Street Fair Extravaganza

    Get ready for an all-dancing musical evocation of kink and queerness. This promo video for the 2015 Folsom Street Fair is a little bit like Footloose but with lots of fetish and sex.

  • Hannah Cohen’s “Baby”

    This is the video for Hannah Cohen’s haunting song “Baby”. It features dancer Thibault Lac naked in a variety of poses and moves next to a solid block of ice.

  • Private Affair

    A handsome man poses provocatively while a well-dressed couple looks on. In private, naturally.

  • Fawns

    “FAWNS is a tale about love and the pitfalls of it all. Oh so sad. Oh so beautiful.”

  • The Muses Of Helicon

    An erotic interpretation of Roman and Greek Mythology. The Three Muses evoke awakening and liberation from the oppressions of society’s dichotomy of sex and morality.

  • Cybele

    The beauty of black female bodies is studied and celebrated in a collage of images, lit only by moving spotlights.

  • Pavel Jumps

    Russian drag queen Pavel Patel jumps rope in slow motion while wearing a mankini and thigh-high boots. It’s hypnotic.

  • Julia

    Julia. Nude and wet. That’s about it really. This is just a bit of shameless perving, made arty. But that’s OK, there’s room for arty perving here.

  • Concha

    An exploration of the sexual and sensual through non-explicit means – primarily, the mouth, fingers and tongue.

  • Bearmania

    Male bodies, glistening, wrestling, making love. This is Bearmania – a visual, glittery, gay feast.

  • Tactile

    Their lips meet, their bodies meld, their fingers trace trails of sensation across flesh, they give in to pleasure. An erotic exploration of desire and touch.

  • Nowhere (For Pina)

    A couple undress each other, assisted by the hands of many others. This is a rather stunning visual piece that is primarily about movement but it’s also surprisingly erotic.

  • La Vie à Trois (Life In Three)

    Three visual panes reveal three different showers each with a variety of bodies passing through. It invites the viewer to admire the bodies and contemplate the erotic possibilities, even though nothing explicit occurs.

  • The Immaculate Heart

    The artistic filmmakers from Four Chambered Heart are at it again, this time mixing the sacred and profane, using religious iconography in a solo masturbation scene.

  • Iconologica

    A life model discusses her experience of posing nude for artists. An interesting discussion of nudity and how intense study of the body can be a clinical process.