• Love Sucks

    Two naked women interact – they hug, they fight, they kiss. A short but entertaining hand-drawn animation by Sara Koppel.

  • Ignis Fatuus

    A meditation on lust and bodies in slow motion. The title is Latin for will-o’-the-wisp, or a spirit that leads men astray.

  • Cannot Predict Now

    A document and expression of the frustration, fear, comedy, and banality of living with a female body in a culture that objectifies, sexualizes and shames those bodies.

  • ‘A’ Is For Aliens

    Once again, spence and em recieve a frightening text from “a”, a panoptical force that somehow knows all their secrets. However this time, A has something in store for them that’ll have them cumming back for more.

  • Streams Of Consciousness

    A writer suffers from a mental block as she types. Her imagination is full of erotic scenarios that distract her.

  • The Contract

    A woman meets a stranger at a bar and he gives her a magic pill. Soon she finds herself down the rabbit hole, entering a dark and erotic fantasy world of Sirens and other lustful creatures. And – amid the orgy – they want her to sign a contract…

  • Smoking Gun

    A naked woman smokes a cigarette in slow motion, accompanied by eerie music.

  • Sexsomnia

    An array of dream-like images depicts a woman in the throes of an erotic compulsion. Fantasy and reality blend in an experience called sexsomnia.

  • The Blindness Of The Woods

    A love triangle develops between a blind woman, a lumberjack and… a bear. An unusual Nordic love story enacted by people wearing full body woolen costumes.

  • Moss

    Husbands Ian and James head into the woods with their dogs and enjoy some pleasant moments getting nude and kissing in the great outdoors.

  • Mirrors Will Cut Up Your Head

    The selfie turns surreal in this visually fascinating self portrait video by Canadian photographer Mikel Marton. Using mirrors, blurring and closeups he shows us glimpes of his nude body and his inner self.

  • Fertility Baptism

    A handsome naked man covers his flesh with broken eggs and milk. One for fans of sploshing and hot guys.

  • Melancholia

    A beautiful woman touches herself slowly in a melancholy way.

  • Workshop In The Water

    A beautiful male model frolics naked in a waterfall and swims in a natural pool with tiny fish looking on.

  • Juice Porn

    A short and intense erotic film focusing on mouths, tongues, food and wetness.

  • Destruction Of Dude

    Two males tries to buy a venue from the rich Jackie, in order to start a night club about guitar music and sausages. Jackie, however, is not impressed. She has something completely different in store for the two hotties as she reveals her inner tentacle monster.

  • Erotic

    A young couple have a brief, obscure conversation before engaging in sex. We’re then treated to a surreal erotic adventure that explores self image and pleasure.

  • Antes

    To search unexplored, hidden and unusual angles: to go for a quest for what is left unsaid and to put in motion the inner debates.

  • Hysterical Literature 6: Solé

    Solé visits the studio and reads from “Beloved” by Toni Morrison.Meanwhile, an unknown person stimulates her beneath the table. This is the sixth video in this interesting series.

  • Mlii

    A beautiful young woman stands beneath a flow of water. Her body is captured in staggered still images that escalate to a climax.

  • Hysterical Literature 5: Teresa

    Teresa visits the studio and reads from “Sexing the Cherry” by Jeanette Winterson. Meanwhile, an unknown person stimulates her beneath the table.

  • Fawns

    “FAWNS is a tale about love and the pitfalls of it all. Oh so sad. Oh so beautiful.”

  • Emanatio

    A surreal glimpse of erotic fantasy. With a mummy. Of course.

  • The Muses Of Helicon

    An erotic interpretation of Roman and Greek Mythology. The Three Muses evoke awakening and liberation from the oppressions of society’s dichotomy of sex and morality.

  • Cybele

    The beauty of black female bodies is studied and celebrated in a collage of images, lit only by moving spotlights.

  • Pavel Jumps

    Russian drag queen Pavel Patel jumps rope in slow motion while wearing a mankini and thigh-high boots. It’s hypnotic.

  • Fisting

    A close-up examination of the idea of fisting. This film might surprise you.

  • Concha

    An exploration of the sexual and sensual through non-explicit means – primarily, the mouth, fingers and tongue.

  • Nowhere (For Pina)

    A couple undress each other, assisted by the hands of many others. This is a rather stunning visual piece that is primarily about movement but it’s also surprisingly erotic.