• Fuck First

    A catchy song offering a little advice about that very special evening with your darlings… Created for Valentine’s Day.

  • Ode To The Clitoris

    The clitoris has a varied history, often reviled, erased and considered to be a source of sin. And then we learned how big it really was. This amusing music video gives a potted history of the clitoris, complete with witty diagrams, impressive sets and a human clitoris costume. And it’s really catchy.

  • Rub

    A vulval rock, an all-female orgy and a song about female pleasure. Peaches latest music video is explicit and in your face.

  • I Wish I Was A Lesbian

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a girl friend, who reads the Dildo-Daily and loves romantic walks through the park in the night?

  • Ice Cream

    A woman falls desperately in lust with an anthropomorphic ice cream bar. Techno beats and sexy writhing in melted confections ensues.

  • Sock Puppet

    An ode to an ex girlfriend and to five fingered love. With puppets.

  • Miau

    Spanish hip hop group Ludóvico y los Acéfalos gathered together a bunch of their friends in an apartment for the video. The band said they wanted to talk about sex in a positive way.

  • Folsom Street Fair Extravaganza

    Get ready for an all-dancing musical evocation of kink and queerness. This promo video for the 2015 Folsom Street Fair is a little bit like Footloose but with lots of fetish and sex.

  • Hannah Cohen’s “Baby”

    This is the video for Hannah Cohen’s haunting song “Baby”. It features dancer Thibault Lac naked in a variety of poses and moves next to a solid block of ice.

  • Look

    An animation with a serious ass fixation. This music videofollows a woman’s butt as she walks, with a variety of fantasy elements added (farting diamonds, for example). It’s really rather hypnotic.

  • Go To Go

    Three band members of Dutch electronica band ADAM try to sing “Go To Go” while bringing themselves to orgasms. They are using vibrators just out of shot.

  • The Devil’s Dance

    This is an ad and the beauty on display is very standard but it all looks gorgeous and artistic. And I rather like the song that goes with it.

  • The Pinky Song

    A musical tribute to new love… and the tricky revelation that you “like it kind of kinky.”

  • They Call Us Animals

    A visual representation of a sexual climax, depicting basic animalistic instincts and exploring the human body.

  • Girl

    A couple meet in an elevator and things progress. Jazz, R&B, Soul and hip hop fuse in this sensual and erotically charged music video starring Pillow Book Productions cast members Brad and Jennifer. Music by Paul Deeb and the South Mountain Jazz ensemble.

  • Disintegration

    Burlesque superstar Dita Von Teese both sings and stars in this music video for British electronica group Monarchy. Dita plays a 50s housewife, so desperate with longing for sexual fulfillment that even a mosquito bite becomes orgasmic.

  • Same Love

    A young man grows up knowing he’s different… but he finds love at last.

  • Bushes

    This is an older music video – Markus Nikolai’s ‘Bushes’, remixed by Fat Boy Slim. A variety of women endure Brazilian wax treatments but we see only their faces.

  • Bum Drums

    Percussionist Jorge Perez gets together with four friends to make some beautiful music. This video is both funky and sexy.

  • Auto Erotica

    Sleek lines. Driven. Climaxing in a storm of passion. “Auto Erotica” is a dance duet for man and machine. The relationship is there, but ultimately it’s a bit of self-love, with a VERY big tool.

  • At The Porno Shop

    An unsuspecting customer gets a musical tour of his local porno shop. This is a very catchy tune and director Michael Rehfield makes for a charming porn store owner.

  • Drum Bum

    Drum Bum is a light and distinctly rhythmic take on the art of spanking. This simple yet luscious film has a very cheeky sense of humor. Part of the “Erotic Moments” series of short films.

  • Karaoke Show

    At the age of 14, Karl Tebbe badly wanted to dance like the best dancer alive. But you either have rhythm in your blood or you don’t. Now 22 years later, stop-motion-animation has allowed him to finally fulfill his lifelong dream.

  • Do You Take It?

    Visit a cabaret restaurant with something very special on the menu. The big question that needs to be asked is: Do You Take It? A fun and catchy song.

  • In Your Face (The International Lesbian Anthem)

    ”In Your Face” is The International Lesbian Anthem. The video features footage of the Hungry Hearts collective performing the song plus excerpts from their other films. It also includes instruction in the lesbian Hasuki dance. Learn the dance and join the force.