• Proximity IV

    This is Four Chambers’ latest and it features two guys! Their “Proximity” series is all about close-ups and trying to capture intimacy without necessarily being explicit.

  • Folsom Street Fair Extravaganza

    Get ready for an all-dancing musical evocation of kink and queerness. This promo video for the 2015 Folsom Street Fair is a little bit like Footloose but with lots of fetish and sex.

  • Antes

    To search unexplored, hidden and unusual angles: to go for a quest for what is left unsaid and to put in motion the inner debates.

  • Hysterical Literature 6: Solé

    Solé visits the studio and reads from “Beloved” by Toni Morrison.Meanwhile, an unknown person stimulates her beneath the table. This is the sixth video in this interesting series.

  • Hannah Cohen’s “Baby”

    This is the video for Hannah Cohen’s haunting song “Baby”. It features dancer Thibault Lac naked in a variety of poses and moves next to a solid block of ice.

  • Mlii

    A beautiful young woman stands beneath a flow of water. Her body is captured in staggered still images that escalate to a climax.

  • Hysterical Literature 5: Teresa

    Teresa visits the studio and reads from “Sexing the Cherry” by Jeanette Winterson. Meanwhile, an unknown person stimulates her beneath the table.

  • Bliss

    A woman tries to intimately connect with her partner but ends up feeling more alone. This is a rather poignant short film about some women’s experience of sex.

  • Vandini: Nacker Mann

    So this is an ad. If you look very carefully you’ll notice it’s an ad for skin cream. And it’s German and features Israeli model Michael Lewis.

  • The Bizarre World of the Bisexual

    Here’s another handy 50s education film about the bizarre world of the bisexual. Or, to put it more truthfully, here’s an amusing animation spoofing both 1950s education films and misconceptions about bisexuals.

  • The Homosexual Menace

    A highly factual 1950s offering useful information on how to avoid the homosexual menace. Or, to put it more accurately, a very amusing satire of nonsense 1950s education films about the dangers of gay men.

  • SFW

    This is a viral video for fashion brand Diesel features porn footage that has been altered with animation so it’s “safe for work”. It’s good for a laugh – the sound effects really help.

  • Hitchcocked

    Online hookups; good clean fun – until somebody gets hurt. Though brief, this hot casual-sex encounter stirs up some surprising truths about Internet-dating, love, life… and death.

  • Private Affair

    A handsome man poses provocatively while a well-dressed couple looks on. In private, naturally.

  • One Night Stand

    A woman wakes up in a lad’s bedroom and does her best to quietly extricate herself before he wakes up.

  • Fawns

    “FAWNS is a tale about love and the pitfalls of it all. Oh so sad. Oh so beautiful.”

  • Emanatio

    A surreal glimpse of erotic fantasy. With a mummy. Of course.

  • Fuckbuddies

    Two men furtively meet in a car at lunch time to have sex. But things don’t go as planned.

  • The Muses Of Helicon

    An erotic interpretation of Roman and Greek Mythology. The Three Muses evoke awakening and liberation from the oppressions of society’s dichotomy of sex and morality.

  • Cybele

    The beauty of black female bodies is studied and celebrated in a collage of images, lit only by moving spotlights.

  • Pavel Jumps

    Russian drag queen Pavel Patel jumps rope in slow motion while wearing a mankini and thigh-high boots. It’s hypnotic.

  • Julia

    Julia. Nude and wet. That’s about it really. This is just a bit of shameless perving, made arty. But that’s OK, there’s room for arty perving here.

  • Neon Nancy

    By day he’s your average blokey construction worker. But once he walks through the door of Deviants adult club, something magical happens.

  • Fisting

    A close-up examination of the idea of fisting. This film might surprise you.

  • Proximity III

    Here’s another lovely close-up erotic video from the good people at Four Chambers. This one features Dwam and Magenta in a beautiful girl-girl erotic scene.

  • Concha

    An exploration of the sexual and sensual through non-explicit means – primarily, the mouth, fingers and tongue.

  • Bearmania

    Male bodies, glistening, wrestling, making love. This is Bearmania – a visual, glittery, gay feast.

  • Domestikia: Le Petite Mort

    Here’s something different: animated tentacle porn that will make you feel kinda funny… and laugh. Our heroine Madelaine sits reading in her parlor, when an unexpected visitor arrives.

  • Tactile

    Their lips meet, their bodies meld, their fingers trace trails of sensation across flesh, they give in to pleasure. An erotic exploration of desire and touch.