• The Anniversary Present

    A woman surprises her partner with a special anniversary present – the chance to shoot an erotic film together. The only problem is, she’s booked an entire film crew…

  • Venus

    Seven years into their relationship, a couple try to revive their fading romance by visiting a sex club – at the husband’s urging. Things take an unexpected turn.

  • Captivus

    A love triangle is complicated by penis captivus, an urban legend where an entangled couple cannot physically separate themselves.

  • Sex Life

    In an attempt to get his wife interested in sex, a man dresses up as Frank-N-Furter a few weeks after the arrival of their first child. This leads to a revealing conversation about their relationship – and a rather impressive song and dance number.

  • Sordid Reunions

    When his main performer arrives unable to complete a project, a misanthropic pornographer inadvertently hires his ex-fiancé as a replacement.

  • Leave You In Me

    An unexpected admission emerges while a couple is making love. Naked, emotionally and physically, they must confront a tangled web of love, sex and betrayal. The path to reconciliation leads to a dark and uncertain forgiveness.