• Trinity

    A couple invite a third partner into their bed for an afternoon of experimentation but not all is as it seems.

  • Steam

    After an anonymous encounter, two mean realize they are trapped in a steam room. But what did they do to get there and what happens next?

  • Tentation: Memento Mori

    Classical and modern art depicting female beauty comes to life and seeks out self-pleasure in this erotic and surreal animation.

  • Venus

    Seven years into their relationship, a couple try to revive their fading romance by visiting a sex club – at the husband’s urging. Things take an unexpected turn.

  • Love Sucks

    Two naked women interact – they hug, they fight, they kiss. A short but entertaining hand-drawn animation by Sara Koppel.

  • Gratified, Grateful

    A short erotic film celebrating intimacy, connection and passion. It’s about feeling grateful for our bodies and our partners, for laughter and shared joy, for physical and emotional pleasure.

  • Erotyk

    A brief interaction in an elevator inspires moments of erotic fantasy for both – until the lift arrives… and reality returns.

  • Mask4Mask

    What if you lived in a world where everyone shared the same kink as you?

  • Streams Of Consciousness

    A writer suffers from a mental block as she types. Her imagination is full of erotic scenarios that distract her.

  • The Contract

    A woman meets a stranger at a bar and he gives her a magic pill. Soon she finds herself down the rabbit hole, entering a dark and erotic fantasy world of Sirens and other lustful creatures. And – amid the orgy – they want her to sign a contract…

  • Sexsomnia

    An array of dream-like images depicts a woman in the throes of an erotic compulsion. Fantasy and reality blend in an experience called sexsomnia.

  • Lover

    A short, beautiful film that focuses on the emotion and love that accompanies sex for many people. Shot with real-life couples.

  • Moss

    Husbands Ian and James head into the woods with their dogs and enjoy some pleasant moments getting nude and kissing in the great outdoors.

  • Erotic Dreams

    A woman humps her pillow. It’s sexy. That’s about it really.

  • Fertility Baptism

    A handsome naked man covers his flesh with broken eggs and milk. One for fans of sploshing and hot guys.

  • Melancholia

    A beautiful woman touches herself slowly in a melancholy way.

  • Juice Porn

    A short and intense erotic film focusing on mouths, tongues, food and wetness.

  • Destruction Of Dude

    Two males tries to buy a venue from the rich Jackie, in order to start a night club about guitar music and sausages. Jackie, however, is not impressed. She has something completely different in store for the two hotties as she reveals her inner tentacle monster.

  • Ice Cream

    A woman falls desperately in lust with an anthropomorphic ice cream bar. Techno beats and sexy writhing in melted confections ensues.

  • Espial

    This Four Chambers video places the camera in the position of voyeur and uses a lot of dirty frames to suggest that the filming is being done in secret without the knowledge of the performers.

  • Pleading

    This video caught my eye because it steps beyond the usual “model looks hot” videos that photographers seem to like making. This one has a darker tone and a depth of feeling; it creates a charged atmosphere of submission and self-exploration.

  • Inanimate Pornography

    This is a clever little bit of animation that will make you smile. Like all good pornography – There is no plot, the acting is terrible, and when you’ve finished watching it you’ll feel mildly ashamed.

  • Erotic

    A young couple have a brief, obscure conversation before engaging in sex. We’re then treated to a surreal erotic adventure that explores self image and pleasure.

  • Proximity IV

    This is Four Chambers’ latest and it features two guys! Their “Proximity” series is all about close-ups and trying to capture intimacy without necessarily being explicit.

  • Folsom Street Fair Extravaganza

    Get ready for an all-dancing musical evocation of kink and queerness. This promo video for the 2015 Folsom Street Fair is a little bit like Footloose but with lots of fetish and sex.

  • Hysterical Literature 6: Solé

    Solé visits the studio and reads from “Beloved” by Toni Morrison.Meanwhile, an unknown person stimulates her beneath the table. This is the sixth video in this interesting series.

  • Hannah Cohen’s “Baby”

    This is the video for Hannah Cohen’s haunting song “Baby”. It features dancer Thibault Lac naked in a variety of poses and moves next to a solid block of ice.

  • Mlii

    A beautiful young woman stands beneath a flow of water. Her body is captured in staggered still images that escalate to a climax.

  • Hysterical Literature 5: Teresa

    Teresa visits the studio and reads from “Sexing the Cherry” by Jeanette Winterson. Meanwhile, an unknown person stimulates her beneath the table.

  • Bliss

    A woman tries to intimately connect with her partner but ends up feeling more alone. This is a rather poignant short film about some women’s experience of sex.