• Coyanuscocksee

    Turns out, there are cocks everywhere. This animated celebration of phallic imagery, both natural and man-made, takes a dark turn.

  • Steam

    After an anonymous encounter, two mean realize they are trapped in a steam room. But what did they do to get there and what happens next?

  • The Contract

    A woman meets a stranger at a bar and he gives her a magic pill. Soon she finds herself down the rabbit hole, entering a dark and erotic fantasy world of Sirens and other lustful creatures. And – amid the orgy – they want her to sign a contract…

  • Sexsomnia

    An array of dream-like images depicts a woman in the throes of an erotic compulsion. Fantasy and reality blend in an experience called sexsomnia.

  • The Blindness Of The Woods

    A love triangle develops between a blind woman, a lumberjack and… a bear. An unusual Nordic love story enacted by people wearing full body woolen costumes.

  • Blue: An Erotic Life

    A blue blob of clay’s love for sex leads him into dark places. The piece plays on the contrast between graphic adult content and grotesque stop motion.

  • Pleading

    This video caught my eye because it steps beyond the usual “model looks hot” videos that photographers seem to like making. This one has a darker tone and a depth of feeling; it creates a charged atmosphere of submission and self-exploration.

  • Hitchcocked

    Online hookups; good clean fun – until somebody gets hurt. Though brief, this hot casual-sex encounter stirs up some surprising truths about Internet-dating, love, life… and death.

  • Emanatio

    A surreal glimpse of erotic fantasy. With a mummy. Of course.

  • Domestikia: Le Petite Mort

    Here’s something different: animated tentacle porn that will make you feel kinda funny… and laugh. Our heroine Madelaine sits reading in her parlor, when an unexpected visitor arrives.

  • Pain Dealer

    An artistic visual feast, this short film depicts adult star Nikki Darling in stark black and white, wielding a whip and promising pain.

  • Rituel / Terre

    A naked woman enters a forest and engages in a pagan ritual using a knife. She then connects with the earth in an erotic and disturbing way. Warning Graphic Imagery

  • Sordid Reunions

    When his main performer arrives unable to complete a project, a misanthropic pornographer inadvertently hires his ex-fiancé as a replacement.

  • Butterfly Caught

    A woman visits a used book store and finds herself drawn to the erotica section. A book of Japanese bondage leads her into a sumptuous fantasy involving exhibitionism, BDSM and a hot older woman.

  • Persona

    This film is an artistic mishmash of dominance and submission, hot naked people and arty interiors, all accompanied by occasional foreign language voiceovers.

  • If You Were Here

    Dragon Knight misses his girlfriend who is thousands of miles away. Possessed by melancholy, he listens to his favourite music and imagines them together.

  • The Moment After

    Bodies come together… and then there’s the moment after. This beautifully shot film mixes melancholy with eroticism and does a lot of emotional work with very little dialogue.

  • Mine

    This short film does an excellent job of evoking 50 Shades Of Grey without all that unfortunate plot and repetition. Just hot images of power play.

  • Hungry 4 U

    “I like you so much I’d eat you…” Oscar is attractive, sexy and his fridge is full of meat. Has Sandra’s new lover got a frightening fetish she doesn’t know about?

  • Sex And Sensuality

    A woman undresses for a bath and uncovers a dirty little secret. This short film is relatively simple yet packs quite an emotional punch. It won the prize for Best Suspense at the New York International Idependent Film and Video Festival (NYIIFVF) in 2007.

  • Versus

    An experimental, sensual short film showcasing the relationship between a man and a woman. The good times, bad times and everything inbetween, this film really pits love vs. hate right up against each other.